With roots deeply grounded in Denmark, Natures Collection seeks to give you the feel and charm of New Nordic Living. They are inspired by the Scandinavian way of life and they always seek to share and spread this feeling with their customers around the globe.
The DNA of therir collection is luxurious products made from 100 % natural materials – in unique design for INTERIOR and FASHION. Natures Collection never compromises in terms of quality, which is why the brand is synonymous with quality, exclusivity and Nordic design.
When it comes to FASHION, you cannot miss Natures Collection when looking for wool, fur or leatherwear. Their collection reflects the newest trends and innovates the use of natural materials. The key items in our FASHION collection are jackets, vests and ponchos for women who wish to add a touch of edge and luxury to their wardrobe. The collection changes twice annually with most focus on the A/W collection.